Westlaw HK’s Chitty Package provides the most authoritative content available on contract law for both Hong Kong and United Kingdom jurisdictions.

The foundation of contract law

When it comes to contract law Chitty on Contracts is the best foundation on which to base any case. It provides you with the depth of insight you require, so you can confidently cite it in court.

Chitty covers contracts for every commercial situation, with specific sections on a range of contracts from agency to suretyship. It also covers consumer contracts. Whenever you draft a contract, there is expert interpretation of the legal position, ensuring you have taken every eventuality into account. As you negotiate with the other party you can check that you aren't missing anything vital, using Chitty to back up your arguments. Whatever the dispute, if it involves contracts, Chitty will help. You'll be able to easily refer to the relevant legislation. What's more, you'll have expert interpretation of cases to hand. 

  • Volume 1 contains interpretation and analysis of the general principles which apply to all contracts.
  • Volume 2 concentrates in-depth on contracts in specialist areas, with expert guidance on contracts from agency and bailment to sale of goods and suretyship.
  • Hong Kong Specific Contracts provides the definitive contract law text on specific contracts most relevant to Hong Kong.

In conjunction with the publication of the 30th edition of Chitty on Contracts, Sweet & Maxwell are pleased to announce the new and updated version of "Chitty on Contracts: Hong Kong Specific Contracts". Based on the UK Volume of Specific Contracts, the first edition was a pioneering work containing "all the hallmarks of the Chitty brand". The new edition builds on this achievement and offers an additional 40% coverage of up-to-date and unique content focusing on Hong Kong case law and legislation.

Four new chapters are provided, reflecting the increased need for local Hong Kong content in commercial matters 

  • Arbitration Agreement
  • Conflict of Laws
  • Government Contracts and
  • Information Technology Contracts (this was previously published in a Supplement)

Following the renowned Chitty style, and matching its highly respected quality, Hong Kong Specific Contracts is regularly cited in court and is one of only a few select publications that is a must-have for any Hong Kong law library.

The Westlaw HK Chitty Package interlinks Chitty on Contracts 30th Edition’s in-depth authoritative analysis directly with the cases, legislation and journals from the UK and Chitty on Contracts: Hong Kong Specific Contracts with all relevant Hong Kong and UK cases, legislation, and journals

For more information about how to add the Westlaw HK Chitty Package to your subscription or to take a new subscription including one or more of these titles, please contact us on +852 2847 2000 or email enquiries@westlaw.com.hk.

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