The Westlaw HK Government Subscription is available to government departments, quasi-government offices, courts, legal aid, legislative, administrative, parliament, police, military and equivalent entities. The Westlaw HK Government Subscription's content is wide ranging and contains the vast majority of Westlaw's primary and secondary legal materials.

News content is not part of the standard Government Subscription, however government Subscribers requiring news information do have the option to add news subscriptions to their package.

Content and Coverage Highlights

The Government subscription includes over 10,000 databases. Listed below are some notable highlights:

United Kingdom

  • United Kingdom Statutes from 1267 (fully consolidated)
  • United Kingdom cases from 1865, including:
    • Lloyds Law Reports
    • The Law Reports
    • Common Market Law Reports
    • Fleet Street Reports

  • United Kingdom Journals, including:
    • Criminal Law Review
    • International Arbitration Law Review
    • Civil Justice Quarterly

United States

  • American Cases: All Federal and All States, fully cross referenced from 1658
  • American Commentary, including:
    • American Law Reports
    • American Jurisprudence

  • American Legislation, including:
    • United States Code Annotated
    • Code Federal Regulations
    • Federal Register
    • All States

  • American Journals, including:
    • Harvard Law Review
    • Chicago Journal of International Law
    • Yale Journal of International Law
    • Cornell Law Review

  • United States Code (both annotated and un-annotated)
  • US Uniform Laws


  • Australian Cases from 1903, including:
    • Commonwealth Law Reports
    • Federal Law Reports
    • Federal Court Reports

  • Australian Journals, including:
    • Melbourne University Law Review

European Union

  • Comprehensive European Union Legislation
  • European Union Cases from 1952, including:
    • European Commercial Cases

  • European Patent Office Reports
  • European Human Rights Reports
  • European Journals, including:
    • European Intellectual Property Review
    • European Human Rights Review
    • EU Focus

Hong Kong

  • Authorised Hong Kong Case Law from 1905
  • Hong Kong Legislation
  • Hong Kong Journals, including:
    • Hong Kong Law Journal
    • Journal of Chinese and Comparative Law


  • Canadian Abridgement
  • Canadian Cases from 1825
  • Canadian Statutes
  • Carswell Law Reports
  • Federal Court Reports


  • Blacks Law Dictionary

News and current awareness

  • Access to over 13,000 individual news sources (not part of standard subscription - available as an add on subscription only)

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