Westlaw HK's Academic Subscription is a standard feature in law schools and university law faculties. Westlaw HK has a selection of academic subscription options to suit varying needs:



Westlaw is a familiar resource in Law Faculties in Academic Institutions throughout the world. Wherever you find the study of law you'll find Westlaw. The Westlaw HK Standard Academic Subscription is available to any academic or educational institution.

The Westlaw International Standard Academic Subscription is a wide-ranging package of content to suit the wide ranging requirements of the academic sector. We've made as much as possible available to this sector; almost all the primary and secondary legal materials are included. The only limits to the included content are those materials owned by third parties which have imposed licence restrictions which prevent us from bundling their content to the academic sector.

Almost everything from the primary law, journals and commentaries collections is available. Materials which are not included in the subscription are blocked. Unlike commercial users Academic Subscribers do not receive the option to access the non-included content for an addition transactional charge.

Blocked materials tend to be the non-legal materials licenced from 3rd party providers and may typically include materials such as news, business and public records data. News Information is available either via:

Campus News Subscription; or
Standard Academic Subscription + All News

Passwords and IP Authentication Access

Academic institutions often create IP Authenticated access systems to allow users who are on the university network to access Westlaw HK via a link on the university intranet. Westlaw HK recognises the university's IP address and allows access without requesting a password. Only a limited number of users can access simultaneously depending on the limits agreed in the subscriber contract.

Passwords to selected staff or students may be issued depending on the contract agreement.



This subscription includes all the content in the Standard Academic Subscription plus news.

In addition, a limited licensing agreement allows us to make available the All-News databases within the Academic Subscription for Law Schools or Law Faculties within educational establishments.

Passwords and IP Authentication Access

The licencing agreement with content owners does not permit IP Authentication access to News campus-wide. Access to news materials is therefore by password only (or by IP Authentication if that access can be restricted to the Law Faculty).

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