Fully comprehensive and consolidated legislation dates back to 1267, supported by a unique versioning facility, showing you how the law stood at a particular time before and after any amendments.

Legislation Analysis

The 'Legislation Analysis' document provides both historical and prospective versions of legislation so you can view at a glance the past, present and future status.

Compiled by a team of legally qualified editors, this document points you quickly and accurately to all relevant and linked information.

Easy PDF Printing of Legislation

You can print in PDF format the consolidated text of an Act in one continuous formatted document.

Arrangement of Provisions

This replicates the official Table of Provisions as published with every Statute and Statutory Instrument by OPSI. All the provisions within a piece of legislation are contained in one easy-to-read document, meaning you can also navigate conveniently to any part or section of a specific provision.

Legislation Overview Document

This citator service presents the entire history of a piece of legislation in one single document.

You can now view at a glance:

  • Any amendments that are pending
  • All commencement information pertaining to an Act or SI if available
  • All modifications applied to the legislation
  • All amendments made to the full text
  • Details of any EU directives implemented under the authority of the Act (where available)
  • All SI's enabled under the authority of an Act and any EU Directives implemented under an SI

Legislation - Point in Time

This allows you to time travel and see how a particular provision stood at a specific date in the past - dating back to 1991.

Legislation Status Icons

A guide to the status of a piece of legislation, alerting you to any relevant history or changes of which you need to be aware.

indicates the provision is historic and has been superseded.
indicates the provision has pending amendments not yet in force.
indicates the document or provision has been repealed.

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