Regional News comprises of 25 independently searchable publications from the Asia-Pacific region including:

  • Asahi Shimbun (Japan)
  • Asian Business
  • Balochistan Times (Pakistan)
  • Bangkok Post (Thailand)
  • Business Standard
  • Business Times (Malaysia)
  • Business World (Philippines)
  • Dhaka Courier (Bangladesh)
  • Daily Yomiuri (Japan)
  • Financial Express (India)
  • Hindu (India)
  • Jakarta Post (Indonesia)
  • Japan Times (Japan)
  • Jiji Press (Japan)
  • Japan Times (Japan)
  • Korea Times (Korea)
  • Manila Standard (Philippines)
  • Manila Times (Philippines)
  • Mint (India)
  • The Nation (Pakistan)
  • New Straits Times (Malaysia)
  • The Pioneer (India)
  • Statesman (Calcutta, India)
  • The Times of Central Asia
  • Times of India (India)


International News ensures comprehensive coverage with over 470 international news sources.

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